DAYTRADE-PROFIT Signals – increase yours chances

Daytrade-profit offers everyone to take advantage of our Trading Signals Service, it’s the easiest way to start and test some of our services. Trade entries can be placed directly to your MT4 platform at the exactly same time we enter our trades. There is no need for you to spend time waiting for email or SMS Forex Alerts to arrive, physically enter any trades, or worry about duplicating our performance.

You can install our Daytrade-profit Signal Receiver on any MT4 account with any broker who support Signals . All trades from our MT4 account are automatically duplicated in your MT4 account, without any work from you.

Signals is a fully-automated trade copier trading system that enables daytrade-profit Trader users to draw on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our expert traders and use tried and tested strategies to automatically copy our trades on your own MT4 trading account instantaneously.

Signals give beginners to professional traders an opportunity to enter the Forex market with a certain level of confidence, as well as to allow more experienced traders to broaden their market activities.

Your money is deposited in your personal trading account and nobody but you have access to it.

you don’t have to disclose any private information about an account to the signals provider, including a login and a password.

you have a full control over the account, you can combine the trading signals from different providers, you can also use them with your trading methods or regular trades also,

you have a complete control of the trading signals processing on your account. At any moment you can disable the processing of the trading signals on your account without anyone’s help

you can initial any deposit you want from 1$ to 10000000000$

become an investor in easy steps:

  1. Open a real or a demo trading account on MetaTrader 4/ 5. "Signals" can work with both account types. Download MetaTrader 5 and open an account.
  2. Open an account on
  3. Go to the client terminal Settings and specify your login and password from your account.

    step 3
  4. Select a suitable signal in the trading terminal and subscribe to it. Subscription to a signals source will be set with standard parameters: the current day will be set as a start date and duration will be set to 1 month.

    step 4
  5. Go to the client terminal Settings and check two options in the "Signals" tab: Agree to the terms of use signal service and Enable realtime signal subscription.

    step 5
  6. All is set! From now on, all trading operations performed by the selected signals provider will be automatically copied in your MetaTrader terminal.

    step 6
Daytrade-profit offers every one to Subscribe our profitable tradind signals service its the easiest way to start

any ones who have mt4 can join us

you dont need to disclose any private information about your acc to us

MAM Account

if you want to profit from the high yielding Forex market, but don't want the stress involved in trading it, our service is precisely what you are looking for.
  1. Managed account opened in your name
  2. Verified trading history for the last 15 months
  3. Low Initial Investment Starting From $1,000
  4. No entry fees or annual commission
  5. No Lock In Period - You Are Free To Withdraw Your Funds When You Please
We profit ONLY if you profit, our fees are based on High Water Mark Levels meaning we only charge a commission when your investment is greater than its previous greatest amounts download our brochure for more information)

It is very simple to open a managed forex account with us. All you need to do is fill in the form below and you will be automatically sent an email with further instructions and a link to start the online application process at the brokerage where the MAM/PAMM master account is.

We use an internationally recognized Forex brokerage based in the City of London. They are authorised and regulated by the (FCA) Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the FSA) and clients benefit from of all the protections given by the FCA and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Once you have completed your online brokerage application and have been approved by them you will be then be sent instructions of how to fund your trading account.

You will then need to sign an LPOA form,which confirms that you are allowing us to trade your account via the MAM/PAMM but this in no way allows us access to withdraw your funds. After this document has been signed and returned to the brokerage then trading will commence immediately.


You don’t pay any fees unless we make you a profit! We charge 20% performance fee of the profits made each month based on high watermark. If we do not make any profits, we receive no performance fee, and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back. The Fee is paid automatically by the Broker through LPOA at the end of each month.


Billing cycle will begin on the first day of the month or the day when we start managing your account and ends on the last no matter when we start managing your account. This uniformity will allow us to maintain our records in a much more efficient manner.


High watermark means that Private Forex Trader will only receive a performance fee when the value of a client's investment is greater than its previous value. If the value of the investment subsequently drop then daytrade-profit will receive a performance fee again once the value of the investment has again reached its last value. The value is based on starting and ending monthly balances.


In the event that you request your membership to be terminated with our service, unless otherwise specified, we shall immediately close all open positions upon receipt of your request.


  1. Open and setup your own brokerage account with brokers provided below. This will be YOUR account. It is YOUR funds, as we do not ask for any funds. Only YOU can make withdrawls and deposits. Once your account is created, you will get an email from the broker with wire instructions to fund your account.

  2. Register in our member-zone.
  3. When we receive and approve your application we start trading.
  4. Download Broker's Metatrader 4 Platform and watch the trades live from your own computer or you may choose to get daily trading statement sent direct to your email address. There is Total Transparency so you see the trading daily. You may select to stop trading at any time, upload funds, make withdrawls as it is YOUR account.
  5. At end of each month our fee is automatically removed from your account by broker.