brent crude

Is the gap of over $ 10 between WTI & BRENT oil prices Will close or go again to see numbers as in 2011

WTI VS BRENT OIL SPREAD FORECAST  The Two Most Widely Used Crude-Pricing Benchmarks in the  financial markets are Brent and WTI Brent crude originates from four oilfields in the North Sea. The oil extracted from these fields is typically light, making it very easy to refine into other products. Roughly two-thirds of all crude contracts around the world use Brent…

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Whether oil prices are facing a change in direction or whether this will only be pause before continuing declines

Brent oil price technical analysis forecast Crude oil prices climbed above 53 $ late last month, a bullish signal, also Brent traded above 62$ and reaching to major resistanceJust a few of months ago, analysts and investment banks slashed their oil price forecasts as OPEC’s production cuts drew down the global oil oversupply slower than initially expected, and rising U.S.…

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