gold price analysis

A different kind of surprise in the gold price Expected for us?

Gold price analysis Everyone is talking about new gold records expected to see new numbers, Maybe that’s not the direction at all …….. On 11/5/2021 I wrote this: in 15.4.2021 I wrote this :  “I went to check out some probability scenarios to predict continued movement in goldThere’s something that caught my eye – and that’s what happened in 2012Technically…

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Gold broke up 1300 price level what next ?

Gold price analysis Gold cross up1300 $ we can see a narrow trading range between 1240 support to 1320 resistance The big question is when this shuffle trend will finish: will it go to 1500$ Or 1100$? Gold analysis NOTED FOR THIS: Gold price pattern   if 1326 level will hold them we have a potential to see this happen – take a…

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gold position map show similar sign to what happened in early 2016

GOLD Technical Analysis Since November, gold has strengthened, combined with the strengthening of the dollar around the world, many are concerned about the strong dollar, there is a correlation between the dollar and the metals; however, both have rallied together for the past few months. Following the latest review post: Will the third time happen gold will not hold and collapse or…

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