EUR/TRY Technical Analysis Price Forecast

EUR/TRY Technical Analysis Price Forecast Update we can see a strong positive trend during the 2016 year on EUR/TRY on the global forex market. The Euro currency had earned value against Turkish Lira during the year of 2016. The starting point of EUR/TRY was at 3.30 level at the beginning of year. while in the 2 months the parity started…

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EER/TRY technical analysis price forecast update

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Eur/Try continue the trend I was talking my last post you should pay attention to the 3.02-3.025 area, break down those level will push the eur/try to lower level as I mention last posta close look on the charts:s/l should be placed in 3.22 for long-term movement, those who are in a short term should…

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Eur/try technical price forecast

Eur/try technical price forecast At the beginning of 2014 we saw the entry reached to high records above 3.27 levelsince then he went down to 2.60 at January 2015, from there make Hugh move, Crossed the previous record and reached  to 3.48 area the last august.Closer look on the charts show us couple things:The EURTRY pair is struggling to stay…

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