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Two months have passed since the last review of the markets and it can certainly be said that the markets have achieved a fantastic return and the review has proven itself
We have reached the last days of trading this crazy year, which we have been through
It’s time to look at where the markets are headed – I prepare for you an exciting and respectable surprise and challenging review that I did not think I would really stand behind, the forecast is challenging on every scale, but in the current post I will focus on the short term
Right now, depending on the numbers we see on the screens, and from what I see technically the level of risk outweighs the chance – and what I mean
In a previous post, I talked about the indicator
The last time when it reached the level of 42.71 the move ended or got a correction, is this time too?
We are currently at an indicator level of about 42.67

markets analysis
NASDAQ analysis

I am not a prophet, but I think given the technical data before me, that now the chances of continued high and continuous returns, without corrections at this stage are at the edge of the range Does not rule out another move of between 1.5% and 4% up, but in my opinion, the correction in the markets is closer at the moment than the continuation of a continuous rising move

My forecast for next year will be one of the most interesting and challenging I have published over the years, in terms of complexity and goals – there is definitely something to look forward to

now let’s check Nasdaq –please note that as long as NASDAQ stay above 11,100+_   points  the trend is positive -targets for correction placed in 11,680 +- points

NASDAQ  technical analysis
NASDAQ forecast


and now the SP  500


This review does not include any document and/or file attached to it as advice or recommendation to buy/sell securities and/or other advice

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