Big moves in the Fx markets and rewarding profit Under our noses ?

Harmonic Trading pattern

It is not every day that you can identify and see big moves in the market – especially when it comes to foreign exchange pairs
Sometimes it seems grandiose and obviously unlikely to come up with templates that give big and rewarding moves but this can comes, and come in big.
In my years I have caught on to some big moves that have taken place in the Forex market
The jpy pairings in 2013
And the Canadian dollar
Do we also have something big in front of us here, with a large Potential movement?
According to the technical analysis and harmonic patterns, it seems so!

Remember the post on How to achieve 3600 pips

Good technical eyes, patient and stick to the plan  and you can earn from the big movement in the markets and make profits
now  I’m talking about the Australian pound: GBP /AUD

In the pair in question, you can see that there is a scenario of 2 harmonic patterns
The first gives a target of 2.30-2.40 area which is equivalent to 20% yield
The second gives a target of 2.70-2.80 which is equivalent to 40% yield

harmonic pattern sample
harmonic trading pattern

An important thing in such transactions! Because it is a cross, so the changes are big, there are 2 independent currencies in their behavior – this is not a major (currency versus dollar or euro) so the moves are bigger and more radical
The stop for such a deal is far away – a magnitude of 9%!
This should be taken into account when entering into the trade
It’s not a deal that is checked every day and every hour
And now let’s go and see from the technical side what things are supposed to be
I’ll actually start with the “more solid” pattern

Bearish Bat pattern.
AB leg can retrace between 38.2% – 50% of XA leg
BC leg can retrace between 38.2% – 88.6% of AB leg
CD leg can retrace up to 88.6% of XA leg
CD leg can also be an extension of between 1.618% – 2.618% of AB leg

harmonic trading signal
harmonic trading sample

The second harmonic pattern

Bearish Gartley pattern
AB must retrace 61.8% of the XA leg
BC can retrace between 38.2% – 88.6% of AB
CD can be an extension of 1.272% – 1.618% of AB
CD can also be a retrenchment of up to 78.6% of XA leg

trading signal
trading pattern

risk-reward now looks good to enter  this trade with support on the lines- see sample
break this down will probably lead the pair to 1.82+_

risk reward order
risk reward chart

All I want to show you, that with the right way, stick to the plan, risk management, Looking beyond the curtain and Wisely technical analysis you can catch huge movement and make profits!

i wish you all the best trades

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