bitcoin outlook


Bitcoin Soars does not stop, is 100K ahead of us

Bitcoin price analysis Bitcoin incredible upside price rally that took place throughout the end of 2020 and continues those days – As of this point, the price of Bitcoin at the peak of the day stood at 35830 points However, the question now is whether this Bull Run will continue vertically, as it did in the past few months, or…

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Is it time to change the price trend of the Bitcoin, or the story ends and the road down is paved

Bitcoin price analysis  Bitcoin plunged 10% yesterday to below $ 6,000 and now trades at $ 5,500 – a one-year lowAfter a long shuffle in the range of $ 6,000, he returned to distraction in his high volatility.After months of speculation regarding the split, the market finally decided that the uncertainty over Bitcoin had reached the breaking point.concern rising over…

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Bitcoin price analysis forecast

Bitcoin price analysis forecast Bitcoin looks like he found support at 6100+_ price level  although  he didn’t manage to cross 8600$ after  last  recover and trade again near 6000 $  – lows level in last June bitcoin traded below 6000 $ –  it was expected – look on Bitcoin price 2018 vs Chinese stock bubble 2008 part 2  Told you a…

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