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Why China Indexes are Afraid of the Truth Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite IndexShcomp Moving towards the support level in 2585-2612This points or support points fracturingBreak there, send the index to the 2141-2210On the other hand, support back it upIn any case, if it appears the previous crash, both in graph and in terms of turnover,Stop and long-term support, averaging strip…

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china markets :The same pattern as 2007-2008…..

china markets :The same pattern as 2007-2008…… Shanghai shares closed down nearly six percent Friday, lost almost 30 percent from the pick on June 15,200 pointschina’s government relaxing rules on margin trading have failed to arrest the declines, margin loans have increased more than fivefold in a year to 2.2 trillion yuan ($350 billion).” china’s securities regulator has pledged to…

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