china markets :The same pattern as 2007-2008…..

china markets :The same pattern as 2007-2008……

Shanghai shares closed down nearly six percent Friday, lost almost 30 percent from the pick on June 15,200 points
china’s government relaxing rules on margin trading have failed to arrest the declines, margin loans have increased more than fivefold in a year to 2.2 trillion yuan ($350 billion).” china’s securities regulator has pledged to crack down on market manipulation after rumors that foreign short-sellers were behind recent share price plunges.

We see all the time that china markets has no natural behavior like other markets, the government constant attempts to intervene and prop up the bubble. ,meanwhile is not for the “good side” 

From the technical view: the support area stay on 3400 points , 3850 points are important level (high vol) ,resistance level at 4200 points – break above will lead the index higher, if it’s the same situation as 2007-8 so I’m expect for more Soaring before the collapse.

china chart

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