crude oil review

Crude oil Price Prediction step by step

Crude oil Forecasting step by step  “Crude oil can be seen that the Last support area holdsAre we are going to  26-28$…. and performed a move that will lead to areas 51-4$……” The move was realized one by one, Then I repeated several times that oil will be difficult to go through these levels Now I think, by the behavior…

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The Dummies’ Guide to Crude Oil

The Dummies’ Guide to Crude Oil Crude oil the Current Situation:There are several things on the graphWeekly overview image, there are two very significant Candles: The First Candle is a candle closing Bear 51.70 and 48.90 in the second candle on the other hand is a bullish candle with a bottom closure in 45.70 and 48.90 zoneThese candles can learn…

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will crude oil prices cross up the 50$

will crude oil prices cross up the 50$  It was written and expected that the crude Oil prices made the last move from my last post Now crude oil achieving a year-to-date high above $46.80 per barrel yesterday, after all, the meetings and talking’s features crossed that OPEC heavyweight Saudi Arabia and Russia had consented to stop generation and others meetings and…

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