Crude oil Price Prediction step by step

Crude oil Forecasting step by step 

“Crude oil can be seen that the Last support area holds
Are we are going to  26-28$…. and performed a move that will lead to areas 51-4$……”

The move was realized one by one, Then I repeated several times that oil will be difficult to go through these levels

Now I think, by the behavior of prices, patterns, positions, and background noise from the side, the oil on his way to the $ 34-36
I want to be noticed in trading volume and price behavior on two specific dates
11/05/2016 and 06/09/2016
Any upward movement of oil trading volume – either higher or lower if Underlined the amount of volume testing performed during the period.
Only twice found abnormal amount of transactions – Attention candles:
05/11/2016 candle marks on buying (Acquisition of goods),While 09/06/2016 candle show sales sign (Release of goods),If this is the case so expect to see crude oil move down
And oil is on its way to 34-36$

COT position and MAP position 
In terms of positions monument, we can see some interesting stuff
There is more room for decline – short traders advantage

Pay attention to the number of positions

Technical Analysis:
If oil will move below 39.70 again the next stop will be at 37.20+_, we can see that there is even more room for lower prices numbers 33-35 area,  for my opinion crude oil expected to meet again 33-34$ 

The trend is bearish as long as crude oil stay below the level of 46 .89 $  -Move above will change the trend – Gartley pattern shown on the charts

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