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Does the U-turn in the dollar against the other currencies begin?

Forex Technical Analysis The U.S. Dollar recover big time against a basket of major currencies as pessimistic increased demand for risk assets and by chance to increase rates in 2022-2023The US dollar index measures the performance of the dollar against a basket of global currenciesUS dollar index (DXY) recover from 30-month low trading at $89.40, and trade now at 92.30$Since…

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dollar 2B1

until when the pressure on the US dollar continue

US Dollar analysis Dollar index: After reaching a low point in early January we see recovery buds, will they continue or is it just preparation for another move down In December last year I post this: is the dollar about to make a U-turn or is this just the beginning I recommend you read this post because there are goals for…

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How Dollar Index Can Keep Your Trades Success

How Dollar Index Can Keep Your Trades Success  Dollar Index  The US Dollar Index (DXY) was under pressure after Wednesday’s FOMC statement, while poor US GDP figures provided follow through to the downside on Friday. The sharp selloff erased the prior four weeks of gains in DXY but we have a lot of activity this week, and the trend could…

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Dollar index tells the markets story

Dollar index tells the markets panic story  panic……….well it’s All questions where you look and Where to look new hıgh record on the USD dollar Standing in the doorway Technical analyses update :see the charts : if the candle today/weekly  will be closed at those level so you should expect for further up moves USD dollar This review does not including any document and /…

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what will be with the usd

USD dollar technical analysis The  USD dollar has made the process of reviewing the level of 95-96Just as I wrote my earlier reviewNFP US jobs report for May massively disappointed markets by coming in at a miserly 38,000 versus the more than 160,000 expected, This was the lowest monthly figure since August 2011 ,it wıll probably impact the US Federal…

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Is dollar going to set a new record this week

Is dollar going to set a new record this week markets enter into a week packed with events, After one week was relatively calm, which began with a meeting of leaders of industrialized nations in Japan, warned against possible damage to the global economy, the retirement of Britain from the European Union, with continued US growth figures lower than forecast,…

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Dollar Index analysis in 3 Easy Steps You Can trade

Dollar Index analysis in 3 Easy Steps You Can trade After The dollar index fell in 2.5.2016 below 92 this month for the first time since January 2015 ,he made rebound  and jump almost 4 % since then ,dollar index price now 95.15dollar index which measures the dollar against a basket of currencies, rallied to its highest since late March on chances…

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