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EUR/USD analysis

Bullish Momentum Builds as EUR/USD Breaks Key Resistance Level

EUR/USD Technical analysis The technical outlook for EUR/USD depends on the timeframe being considered. In the short term, the pair may experience some volatility as traders respond to changes in market sentiment and economic data releases – we may see a very fast move towards 1.1180 1.1230 resistance and even to 1.1340 -1.1370 when the pair break above 1.1090 on…

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Does the U-turn in the dollar against the other currencies begin?

Forex Technical Analysis The U.S. Dollar recover big time against a basket of major currencies as pessimistic increased demand for risk assets and by chance to increase rates in 2022-2023The US dollar index measures the performance of the dollar against a basket of global currenciesUS dollar index (DXY) recover from 30-month low trading at $89.40, and trade now at 92.30$Since…

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eurusd price short term forecast signal

eurusd pattern appears in the charts  trade the trend for short period ,i see pattern that suggest long opportunity to 1.1350-80 area as long the pair above 1.1160 ,if you want to be more sure wait till eurusd will break up 1.1280 area In the bigger picture,Break of 1.0461 will extend the decline .On the upside, break of 1.22 area  support turned resistance is needed…

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eurusd price technical anlysis

Doing Eurusds theRight  Way my last review on 22.8.2015 :eurusd going to 1.1650-1.1730 As long as he keeps over the area 1:11When, stops on the way: 1.1240 1.1320 1.1460 eurusd update for  28.8.2015 :EURUSD traded at the last day’s lows in 1.1250 areas. Breaking down 1.1060 area will lead of the potential for further declines.  Technically, a corrective low from August 21 at 1.17…

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eurusd comeback or its just correction

eurusd comeback or its just correction time eurusd was pushed higher after last Friday NFP result, Friday close and a move to new day highs.    earlier in the Asia-Pacific session, the price found support buyers in 1.0920 area.  Fed’s Fischer suggests September rate hike not a done deal “The interesting situation in which we are is that employment has…

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EUR/USD price plunged 200 pips whats next move

Greece Creates Panic in Financial Markets EUR/USD has already plunged today more than  200 pips against the dollar,In the Unite States, stock market futures are also down over 2%. European Central Bank (ECB) announced today they have cut off funding to Greek Banks, forcing the banks to close until further notice. From the technical view we can see couple things :…

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eurusd price technical analysis

eurusd price action  we can on the pair couple things:1. the pattern that show to us that there is more room for upside move 2. the trend down was stop abit at the low prices and the usd start to shoe weeknesmy assumption that we are going to see 1.11+_ area Weak US economic data shifted the traders’ attention towards the euro.…

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