EUR/USD price plunged 200 pips whats next move

Greece Creates Panic in Financial Markets

EUR/USD has already plunged today more than  200 pips against the dollar,In the Unite States,

stock market futures are also down over 2%.

European Central Bank (ECB) announced today they have cut off funding to Greek Banks, forcing the banks to close until further notice.

From the technical view we can see couple things :

open gap from opening today 

i will not be surprise that we can see eurusd going to 1.14-1.15 area

support areas 1.0920-60,below taht we got 1.0860 area, the major support for continuing corrections stay at 1.0720-80 area -below taht the bearish trend will become stronger.
if eurusd will cross up again 1.1260+_ area i think we will see him going to 1.15 area
look at at the yellow & red bands in the chart,if its the same move as the last time(see red hoop), so i think, that the correction aint over yet and higher levels may occur 
meanwhile trade carefully 
good luck 

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