dollar index price bull run forecast

We envisage a strong dollar price trend and significant from the end of 2014 We saw and still see the steps “later” that other countries are taking stepsOf course I’m talking about the Age of reducing interest rates and the money printingAt the same time that the United States did so in the end the crisis, other countries sat waitingAnd…

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NZDUSD PRICE MOMENTUM STAND IN FRONT CHANGING….OR…??? New Zealand dollar closed last week  strong , through the 0.75 handle. Although NZD/USD downtrend can be continued, since February bears got exhausted and gave the control to the bulls.With that, if we look at the charts we can see the Near-term resistance that stay in the 0.7620-80 area (trend line  bands support-turned-resistance, if…

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platinum price struggling near the support trend levels

platinum price struggling …. platinum price struggling ….Most investors currently view South Africa’s platinum industry with a huge amount of scepticism. Platinum stocks on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange have been shedding value in an environment where their balance sheets are deteriorating and free cash flows are close to zero.Although platinum is commonly used in catalytic converters for diesel engines, while…

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