dollar index price bull run forecast

We envisage a strong dollar price trend and significant from the end of 2014

We saw and still see the steps “later” that other countries are taking steps
Of course I’m talking about the Age of reducing interest rates and the money printing
At the same time that the United States did so in the end the crisis, other countries sat waiting
And today: The US is facing rate increases while others only “remembered” to the United States made a long time ago
Now let’s talk about the numbers: While a strong dollar, there is no argument about that, but if you pay attention, we can see that during the last strengthening currencies not reacted in the same way
New Zealand Dollar keeps the last subway and found a few hundred pips above
Canadian Dollar fails to break through the last record
The same wine Dollar
Head lifts oil was trading at $ 50 and $ 40
Gold is also in no hurry to break lower and is above the level of 1180
If you really, there is at the moment, where a boom in strong, they had to respond, but it is not just that
So my assessment that the dollar index will give a further push up area 101.30 + _
And then we will get rebound  to the area 92-94
If we look at the second graph we can see the course support all the way, breaking the Gaza Strip we will approve the amendment

Good luck

dollar index
dollar index

dxy forecast

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