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Is the golden touch over In silver metal?

Silver (XAG USD) Forecast Strong U.S. Dollar has a Negative effect On Silver and gold Silver prices fell sharply this week, as the US Dollar climbed, combined coronavirus concerns and US fiscal THE rising US Dollar may continue to be an inhibiting factor on precious metal prices. If silver manages to get back above 25.30, it will gain upside momentum…

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Here Come New Ideas For Silver

Here Come New Ideas For Silver  Silver metal prices traded narrow bound since 1.7.016 –between 19.20 to 20.70 apx,if we will look closely at the charts we can see some interesting things : first, you can notice the pattern that was shown on the silver chart- flag pattern suggest break up will lead to 22.60-23.50 price areaWhile breakdown will lead…

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silver forecast

What Will Silver Be Like In the next Years? From my last post at late June this year: Update for 22.11.2015:Silver price continues the downtrend, The price of precious metals has strengthened slightly due to certain weakness in the USD amid the publication of FOMC Minutes on Wednesday According to Thomson Reuters Release:” Total silver supply is forecast to fall to…

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