Why gold price keep stay up while silver price remains down

Why gold price keep stay up while silver price remains down 

Silver metal prices fail to rise
In an advancement like what happened last October Hedgers’ present grow net position in silver – on the short side plus if we will look on the gold price, we can see that it’s not the same behavior – while gold stay above 1180 area the silver didn’t succeed to break up 16.20 area, and even to reached there 

Commercial Hedger- Commitment Of Traders (COT) tracks the net situating of different gatherings of brokers in the prospects market. 
In this way, it is completely conceivable that the cost of silver keeps on moving in the close term as the Hedger short position probably gets bigger
One more point of view came from looking the speculative trader 80% are long on the silver long time:

this situation is Tends to run out from the side of the losers …..
The COT investigation is more workmanship than science. The metal has become obliterated and it unquestionably could advance regardless of the vast Hedger short. In the event that it does, it would likely be a decent more term sign for the metal. Be that as it may, that is a little, rather subjective silver covering for bulls as it relates to the COT positions.

Blow off from 2010-2011 didn’t finish, my expectation for  .Technical view can show us the silver is to reach 12 $ area 

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