Chinese stock bubble of 2007 wiped out hundreds of billions vs Bitcoin 2017 is this the same story?

Is The Bitcoin going to crash same as Chinese stock bubble at 2007 ?

Chinese stock bubble of 2007 wiped out hundreds of billions of market value

Chinese shares have tumbled more than 8% in one day in November 2007 
Major indexes had their largest one-day drop ever
Shanghai Composite Index lost 8.5%, to 3,725.56 points.
Stocks fell across the board, with 2,247 companies falling, leaving only 77 gainers.
More than 1,500 shares listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen dived by their 10 percentage point daily limit, led by index heavyweights 
 Sudden fall wiped almost a third off the value of shares during the course of a few weeks.
The fall was caused by rumors that the Chinese governmental economic authorities were to introduce varying policies that would restrict foreign investment – from capital gains tax to raising interest rates to a clampdown on speculative trading with borrowed money.
The ensuing plunge in Asian markets sent ripples through the global market, as the world reacted to the meltdown, triggering drops and major unease in nearly all financial markets around the world, and wiping out hundreds of billions of market value. The Dow Jones Industrial Average in the US dropped a staggering 3.29 percent amid fears for growth prospects, with sell orders made so fast that an additional analysis computer had to be used.
This is what happened in the markets in China in 2007, why do I tell and show the graph?
For a very simple reason – the imagination – the resemblance is simply huge and almost one-to-one for a graph of the bitcoin
Friends I just want to say that in 2008 I identified the stage of blowing up the bubble two months before the deadline
If this is the case and the graph reflects the same story then expect a collapse in the bitcoin that will easily lead him to the price rates of $ 2300-2800 and if this is the same case you should expect to bitcoin bubble of 2017 wiped out hundreds of billions of market value
This is just a point of view and reference – obviously not binding, but I wanted to show you the amazing similarity between the two properties on the graph
(The bungee movement almost always ends with a jump …)

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