crude oil behavior as expected, something was in the doorway, what now ?

crude oil showing suspicious signs behaving continue update

In 4 /7 I posted this:”crude oil showing suspicious signs” :

“oil behaving strangely this week – we see strange behavior – every time crude oil show strong move down it came back to higher number – in the begging  of this week crude oil opened lower gap almost 2 $ from last week close price at 74.30 to 72.50 and then recover again, yesterday we saw the crude made the same move – reached over 75 $ to 75.26 – from this area went down sharply  to 72.70 and recover again higher numbers”

Told you to notice this section
 “conclusion: swap dealer side – when the spread will increase above 30 %  +  crude oil prices settled below 69-70$ (with high vol)  = can lead to change direction in crude oil price- we got this moved as expected “

Now after it happened where do we go from here?

Crude oil technical analysis
Now 70.42 became resistance area
We should pay attention now for 65.60- 65.66.50 area
Break down those levels will send crude oil to cope with 63.40-64.10 area

crude oil  technical analysis
crude oil analysis

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