crude oil prices settled on a price junction, Will it take off to new highs or drop

Crude oil Technical Analysis

Crude oil futures rallied Tuesday due Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia
in Baker Hughes oil rig counts from the other week  show reduction who could keep prices supported. The Energy Information Administration is also due to report its inventory data today, also today will  publish FOMC statement that would likely have an  impact on market sentiment. A dovish hike could keep risk appetite supported, which might be bullish for crude oil.
Analysts also pointed to the nomination of Mike Pompeo as new U.S. Secretary of State as a risk to oil markets, because he He holds an opinion contrary to the oil agreement

crude oil technical analysis:
Break above 64.70 +_ will confirm for more up moves to 69-71$ price target area
You can see two things are support this trend – first is oil prices remain to stay above white strip average
Second is the triangle pattern – break up or down will confirm those targets 69-71 or 53-54 $ prices for crude oil 


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