Euro Swiss security zone …..

The whole world and his wife in Long Dollar and Euro Swiss , holding long net position on
Gold Drops, someone knows something we do not know or are going to bury them all under a pile of hay
Positions show a strong tendency of these pairs on the dollar
Recent stops sitting under a band of iron 1.20 in the 1:17 to 1:18
The market punishes statistics is the biggest benefit of 90% lose ratio is equal to the holding in Long  Euro Swiss
What you seem to be ……… I’ll probably take them all on a trip to the Dead Sea camels
The problem that the vote in Switzerland will be 30th
If passed, this could potentially require the Swiss National Bank to acquire a large amount of gold in the market – possibly $60bn worth of gold within five years if it decided to match the 20% threshold requirement by converting some of the cash holdings in its balance sheet.
If Switzerland buys $60 billion worth of gold over a period of 5 years…it is going to have a measurable impact on the price of gold. 
 last month normally sleepy currency options on the franc/euro are getting pricey, a sign that traders are already taking flyers on currency protection.
Investors have so far paid the vote little attention, but are now waking up to the risks. This mirrors traders’ last-minute anxiety over Scotland’s referendum over independence from the rest of the U.K. in September
It will be interesting that’s for sure

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