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how low/high can eurtry go ?

At the beginning of 2014 we saw the eurtry reached to high records above 3.20 level
Since then he went down to 2.60 at January 2015
Closer look on the charts  show us  couple things:
The EURTRY pair is struggling to break above the strong resistance zone of 2.89 – 2.90, previous support level provide a significant resistance to the price action.
if we see some more selling pressure in the EURTRY pair, the next key support level will come at  2.86 -88 area and from there it could went to 2.76-8 areas
This will be key for the pair, with a break below would strongly suggest there’s been a change of bias in the markets. This would then prompt a move back towards the psychological level of 2.6000. Further fall will then be limited around the 2.57-62 area.

If we fail to see a break below these hurdles, then I would expect the price to move further up and towards the 2.9050 – 2.9200 resistance zone. From there, if the bulls are strong enough to push the price further up, then I would expect to drive the battle higher and towards the 2.96-7 leve

eurtry technical

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