Extreme levels of financial markets record highs of all time, what is expected, will it continue or ….?

Markets Record  Extreme levels Is Here

From Tuesday, announcements are expected to give a lot of weight and will be an indicator of acceleration or failure for the continuation of the markets
Will be published rejections of major companies Amazon Facebook Google and more
A meeting on interest notice will announce on Wednesday 
And employment rate data on Friday – These events are supposed to affect the market
In short, it will be interesting

In 2017  I posted an article  Are we approaching or already in the bubble stage in the financial markets?

Days have gone by and this is happening, but even during such periods, double caution is required because the movements can be extreme and quick in both directions in a moment!

When the trend is overheating and the traps are caught in one direction without stopping, or corrections in the way – it is worth checking out what is happening, that’s the reason i post this :
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let’s take the SP500 for a sample – The most tradable contract
Bull & Bear indicator shows us that market stay in high records since 1987!

markets indicator
sp 500 bull /bear indicator 
Have the market’s indices reached a saturation point and thus begin to release pressure?

 Now let’s check dow jones  
one more thing to finish is to test one indicator – as you can see in the chart only one time in the past, he breaks up the red line (extreme situation) -this movement was in 2008 and bring 45% move  from the break, so, if we will go now those days, its give us the same target as I mention above apx 25,600 + but from those levels the risk is high, if im right and take consider the last move in 2009 ( extreme situation ) so we left aps 2 weeks or when the indicator I mentioned will reach too high extreme levels as happened in 2009  – its stood on 2131 while today he stands on 2043 ,it’s really not far, more than that if you will look on the bars and the angle that price climbing, its really annoying angle ( Very sharp gradient) –this week we crossed this level !!!

dow jones technical analysis
dow jones forecast

Another signal who can show us  that’s correction about to come :

 markets correction ahead
markets correction

According to the sentiment and the graph, we are on the edge and therefore I think this is the point in which it is worth trying to check whether it will work
I am talking about trading, of course, on the indices when I assume that the markets are in the process of correcting whether I am healthy or not yet know
But patch down almost certainly – with a probability of more than  70%
the last index i want to focus is NASDAQ – gave  index target of 7220-7280 last year
we are 2-3% from this area – for my opinion, this could bring correction, only time will tell 
nasdaq  100 analysis
NASDAQ analysis

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