Flash crash Moves Hit Currency Markets last week – was it the ringing bell?

USD/JPY Technical Analysis

Last week It took only a few minutes for the yen to surge through levels that have held through almost a decade- fat finger case, in those minutes the yen jumped almost 4 percent against the us dollar to its strongest since 2009

Whatever the cause, the moves were exacerbated by algorithmic programs and thin liquidity with Japan on holiday.

The haven asset has strengthened – Yen strength has to cement the status of the yen as the only true safe haven as it was always in history when  amid political risks elsewhere

In a bear market JPY supposed to snatch strong – still not happen …. But I’m pretty sure that when the falls in the markets worsen, he will join the celebration

USD/JPY price Analysis
USD/JPY  Analysis

Now the situation is not certain and we may have seen a false breakthrough here
If   U.S.-China trade negotiations or U.S.-North Korea peace talks cancellations/ develop in a way that spooks investors further, then we might see the yen extend gains, jpy  is perceived as very sensitive to developments on the following planes:
safe-haven demand sparked mainly by geopolitical risks, such as the political situation in Italy, the economic situation in Turkey, the apparent breakdown in North Korea denuclearization talks, trade-related concerns due to Trump’s

Technical analysis

The trend is still bearish, as long as USD JPY stays below 111.70+_ resistance. Considering bullish convergence condition only decisive if there will be break adobe 109.60 it will indicate term reversal. In such a case, the outlook will be turned bullish. On the other hand, Break down last lows of 105.30 will confirm more lows to the 100.70+_ target price, minor resistance stay in the 107.20 price area
now from the close look, you can see that in also in 2016 the pair broke down majors bands support but recover, there were a few false breaks – are we witness now the same situation but opposite?
if that the case then you should pay attention to those levels :
111.30 – a break above will confirm for more up moves!
108.50 –
106.40-70  a break down will confirm for more down moves!

USD/JPY  Analysis price
USD/JPY Technical Analysis
You do not have to go too far, you can look at the pair’s analysis in 2016 – before Trump’s election I wrote a review of the pair, the goals were achieved, but that is not the essential issue
What is essential is the future expectation of the move, by looking back at the years 98-99 that still show me the same pattern,”Once again I turn your’s attention to 1998-1999
Note the charts: If the photo is indeed the same, then it is fitting for

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