FTSE 100 Index Set New High ,What The Next Move

FTSE 100 Index Technical Analysis

FTSE 100 perform new record, what next …

UK INDEX pushed higher Wednesday, aided by a fall in the pound against the U.S. dollar, as expectations rose for a U.S. interest rate increase in March.
The FTSE 100 climbed 0.6% to 7,304.42.
 the pound dropped below $1.24. The greenback marched higher, as the odds of a March interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve hit 80% after New York Fed President William Dudley said the case for an interest-rate hike has become “a lot more compelling
Early Wednesday morning London time, U.S. President Donald Trump called on Congress to back his plans for overhauls of tax and health care laws, he offered few specifics- this action could push for Congress to pass an infrastructure fund worth $1 trillion, it can affect the stock market go higher

fed rate
fed rate


Cup Handle is a continuation pattern. Therefore, taking long positions on break out of this handle or flag pattern with stops below the most immediate dip before the rally could see a very low-risk trade in our sample the stop risk will be placed in 7200 points, in regards to the high profit which locate in 7500-7600 points 

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