last post:
from quick look at the charts we can see that :
1.6640 area is the upper borderline (black band) = down trend continue to my targets
1.6680-1.6820 gray area
1.6820 area is the upper borderline (black band) = up trend continue”
so we got  the move nowwe need to see what will happen at 1.6380 area

the situation now:
gbpusd break down strong the 1.6380 area

 key support at 1.5920-40 area,break down this area will lead him to lower levels
 from looking on theshort term charts i see that the downtrend mom black&yellow bands  still here till it break up the 1.6530 area look 

dont  eulogize the gbp cause in the long term charts its still up trend

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