New Year Year ended doorway on the other hand a sharp decline in gold
On the other hand the last trading day in 2013 gold has made pollback decrease in area 1180 increase over 1200
In recent days can sense the type of change, but do not you make a mistake because the direction of the gold is south
The move indicates a continued decline even more is the confluence of tracks supported during long climbs prevailed in 2002-2011, obtained by rolling over last December.
Now the situation is as follows:
If gold break the hedge area in 1239 so the likelihood is continuing to 1246 1256 1262 1276
When there is a likelihood that even  and will come to the area in 1302
As long as gold does not break paved the way south and guaranteed
Attention will break my Liaddim enumerated in 1239 when area from 1260 to 1276 is not an easy hurdle
In any case as long as the gold was trading below Lenk, meeting bands in 1326 the trend is negative

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