Has the crash reached financial markets and a new era is ahead of us?

 Stock Markets Technical analysis

us stock exchanges closed last day as sharp declines as the leading technology index, Nasdaq, plummeted 4.1%, the worst day since June 2016. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3.1%, the sharpest since February and the S & P 500 fell by 3.3%, the sharpest decline since February, and the VIX index, which measures market volatility and also called the “fear index,” jumped 40% to its highest level in several months.
Sharp drops in stock prices are recorded across Asian stock markets, following the sharp falls on Wall Street last night. The panic is spreading among investors after last week’s bond prices also fell, in light of rising interest rates in the US and continuing fears of a trade war that would hurt the global value chain.

 Stock Markets  analysis
 Stock Markets  analysis

Market highlights from the beginning of the year :

in January this year, I talked about the upcoming correction in the markets – it comes to the big drop earlier this year –was expected!
after that we saw a big recovery in the markets and set new high records – this was also expected

Technical analysis view – focused on the dow jones
One can see the clear convergence, which was one of the declines that began in January an examination of the level of resistance, buyers versus sellers is reflected well on the price graph of the index In my opinion, in May, the beginning of the real recovery can be seen very well. What now? As I said, and from the technical perspective, the level of support can be clearly seen in the previous peak area at the beginning of the year, when I think that the main level lies in the price level of  24,900+- point area – its the key point. The continuation of the move moves towards high price levels and creating new highs

 Dow Jones technical analysis
 Dow Jones  analysis
Looking at the NASDAQ index you can see that the index shows extraordinary power because he broke his record long time before the other indexes,  but from the other hand he shows also the big volatility moves in the markets when downtrend comes- support stay in 6800 points – break down this level  It will symbolize that the crash has come !
NASDAQ  analysis
NASDAQ chart  analysis

The long-term forecast could suggest even more upside on the index – last February post shows very interesting ideas

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