Has the Turkish lira changed direction and the crisis is behind us?

Turkish lira analysis

after Turkish lira having already lost nearly 40 percent of its value this year against the dollar, we saw a big recover and Turkish lira traded below 6 again – today rate standing on 5.53 Turkish lira per 1 USD  – The Turkish lira firmed as far as 5.53 against the USD, its best level since August
Turkey caved in to US demands for the release of an American pastor
Pastor Andrew Brunson was flown out of Turkey last  Friday after a court freed him from two years of detention over an alleged 2016 government coup.

the big question is either the slight rebound for the currency will be short-lived or long- live ?.
Turkey’s economic problems are structural: For years, it juiced economic growth by building infrastructure, high inflation, and high interests that won’t go away just because sanctions do

USD TRY price analysis

The short story on Turkish lira – you can check here for more details 
Last 3 months we saw an audiovisual show of the Turkish Lira mention here not once that Turkish lira located  in 

Turkish lira analysis technical analysis update Long-term trend forecast moved is still up as long as 5.81 will hold! Break below 5.31 on weekly basis will send the Turkish to 4.18 weekly close below 4.18+- will confirm for more down moves. Break below 5.91 will send the Turkish to 5.31- below these levels; you need to watch long-term trends mentions above In terms of behavior. I think the Turkish lira is not expected to recover below 5.31 –next target if the top will break up again is standing on 8.36-8.72! 

Short-term trend forecast: as long as Turkish lira will trade below 6.14 the target is located in the 5.43+_ price area with an option to went down over 5.39 +_ price or even to 5.31 +_ price – daily closed above 6.14+_ will confirm that the correction is over

Turkish lira  price analysis
Turkish lira analysis

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