How High Can Turkish lira (usd/try) Climb

Turkish lira (USD/TRY) Technical Analysis Forecast 

long time no talks on this pair ,but we got again new high as expected 

so what the next move ,USD/TRY edges higher towards all-time,The current prices suggest on current upswings

Turkish Lira analysis
Turkish Lira

Turkish Lira technical analysis:

Break up 2.98-3.00 will lead the usUSD/TRY to 3.25-3.28 price level, while before that we have resistance at 2.89-2.91
Below that we have 2.86 zones would lead to 2.83 and to 2.79
Breakdown 2.78 level will send the pair to the 2.65-66
Conversely up crossing the 2.87 area confirming the continuation of the main trend

usd try forecast
usd try

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