Hurry up quickly before it’s over, Signs of suspicious behavior in the markets


A fairy tale as parable
Once upon a time there was a terrible monster,
On Sunday, she would eat a thousand Red Short traders
On Monday, she was eating a green salad at Mount Kilimanjaro.
On Tuesday, she would swallow more green tea than the days of the green ocean and the blue ocean combined.
On Wednesday, she would eat a nectar after cooking it well in an option on the fire.
On Thursday she would eat an omelet of four hundred eggs, not just eggs but the eggs of the world’s traders
On Friday, she would chew a lot, very much.
And on Saturday?
On Saturday she would not eat anything because on Saturday she always had terrible stomachaches…
Until………………………………………… ………….. on the day ……………………………. ………..
She vomited it all up

dj price technical forecast
markets forecast

as you all can see its happen, in the last year the markets went up in high pct , after this post was written i checked again the situation in 2017 and post new forecast: Let’s check my last post-2017 forecast was published
so far, the forecasts have hit, and the indices have achieved handsome returns in line with the forecast

Well let’s talk last mummer NFP in us last week: For the first time in seven years, the US employment market contracted the number of jobs fell by 33,000 in September, mainly due to Hurricane and Irma hurricanes; Analysts expected an addition of 90-80,000 jobs; however, the unemployment rate fell from 4.4% to 4.2%, the lowest since December 2000
On the other hand, markets and indices in the US continue to break records day after day and rise for more than 9 consecutive years
Optimism seems to be at its peak, and nothing will stop this train of surprises.

It seems that nothing will stop the machine, no threats from the north and south No crises No storms is a machine immune to all
is that so?

US Trump’s first budget policy action will likely be to approve another short-term spending bill until the end of current FY2017 in Sep 2017, and the real and full-blown Trump’s budget will be for FY2018
dow jones forecast
dow jones price
let’s test some indicators : 
VIX Volatility Index; The Fear Index is also a measure of the expected volatility in the S & P 500 stock index.
It also broadcasts business as usual and euphoria at its peak, last week VIX Closes at Another Record Low 
Hurry up before it’s over that’s what I deduce from the behavior on the benchmarks
I have long been Dow for a long time but as you know sometimes you need to get out from your comfort zone and start searching for suspicious sign 
The yen does not combine forces as ever, more than that it reminds me more and more the situation of 1999 on the charts ,I mention not once that I see the usd/jpy  going down to test 95 price area 
I have a scenario about near future moves and it is about 1-3% up on the indices and from there, something is going to happen and it will happen until the 13th of the month
This is a belly-con so-called and maybe just my fantasy
Possible starting point of area 23,100 -23,400 points  in Dow Jones
From the point of view of the positions you can see a number of interesting things:
This time I’m going to go check the most negotiable contract in the world -it’s the contract on the sp500
I chose to focus on two focal points:
We will start with Long vs. Short positions – we can see that the ratio is currently 1: 2.3.
Risk of chance of fear vs. lust, note the net position (yellow line) to the peak and the low and what happened to the index – this usually expresses an inverse ratio – the risk index is at the peak against the rise/fall in the index so will also the price change
 In the second graph we can see the holding and the ratio of the short/long holding against the position, and here we can see convergence, similar to the change that occurred in the past 2007-2008,
Convergence usually brings with it a strong movement and must be alert to it
sp500 position
cot position 
sp 500 position
sp 500 position 

Technical analysis pattern :

Do you all remember the chart and pattern I raised at the time in 2016 forecast:
The goals have long been achieved one by one, now if we look at the pattern again, we will notice that it becomes deep crab This pattern is valid when price respects and bounces off of the XA swing high swing low to form point B at the 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. The target of point D is beyond the origin of XA and is 1.618 of XA – now if we will look the chart again so we can more distant goals, which can be derived and derived from deepening the pattern, are in areas of price levels such as 23,300+_ and even more high at 24,600-25,100 price area ,while the opposite direction can cause the dow jones to move lower to test crucial areas in 22,100-22,400 – those levels seem to have strong support .one more thing for finish is to test one indicator – as you can see in the chart only one time in the past, he breaks up the red line (extreme situation) -this movement was in 2008 and bring more 3000 points from the break, so, if we will go now those days, its give us the same target as I mention above apx 24,000 + 


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