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In the last two weeks, the markets are surpassing rumors of President Trump: “I am pleased to report that the US has made significant progress in our trade talks with China on important structural issues, including intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services, currency, and many other issues.”
“I will be delaying the U.S. increase in tariffs now scheduled for March 1. Assuming both sides make additional progress, we will be planning a Summit”
Will the rumors ripen into an agreement, and the end of the chapter of the China-US trade war, or we’ll have a surprise
The potential implications of a trade war between the United States and China are showing that China will be hurt by tariff trade war in all indicators, As a result of the trade war, the simulation predicts that the rest of the world will also see impacts within their own economies.

The entry of American customs duties on Chinese goods, due to enter March 1, will be postponed, according to US President Donald Trump’s shouts on Sunday, a week before the deadline for a ceasefire around the war. President Trump announced the postponement of customs duties on imported goods From China, totaling $ 200 billion
But Trump, who has not mentioned a new deadline for the Chinese, is scheduled to meet with the Chinese President by the end of next month.

Or is the agreement already embodied?

China markets: The same pattern as 2007-2008……

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China markets analysis

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The support of the Strip can be clearly seen over the years
Is there an opportunity here? So we have a very interesting trade here. On the other hand, I would not buy the index, until the facts are received, and the agreement – which should be approved – should be approved, or not, by the end of March.

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