Is Markets Finished The Moves, And Go Ahead ….

Is Markets Finished The Moves, And Go Ahead ….

What, already over ??? impressive rebound in stocks, Friday’s selloff seems like ancient history already. However, seeing as though the tight range of the past few months was just as historic as Friday’s abrupt ending, it seems appropriate to focus on that .

                        ARE  MARKETS GOING TO NEW HIGH ? 

By the way September or October, are the most dubious time of the year for the stock market ,historical precedents of a 1-day loss wiping out the entire range of the previous 40 days is painfully small as I told you not once – look on 09-10 /1998 (I have already say since beginning of this year that’s I am see similar pattern to 1998-1999 years!
If we will take 1998 we can see that after the big drop, we got  impressive rebound for a long time after ,so if that the case so my analysis is standing still as I wrote earlier this year 
we should expect for more new high 
one more thing: look on late June this year its Similarities between moves


Dow Jones Technical analysis:

Focus on the short frame – pay attention to 18,120-18,280 levels!
As long as index stay below 18,360-18,430 the short term is down, while from medium term outlook we need to keep an eye on 18,230 points, the situation now is this: the continued decline could reach the area 17600 + -, with an option to examine and test the level of 17380-17430, as if this level will break, the story starts to become much more complex


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