is the big correction begun in the markets?

Did Markets crash begin?

As I said and argued last year, look at the years 1998-1999 we are very similar!

Markets forecast

     Markets crash

If the situation is such, and if not technically then the situation is this:
We currently have a break of 20800 and a technical correction exit

Looking at the index, the picture now shows that as long as the index remains below the 20835 + area, the direction is down

When the break of the 20600 area on a daily basis will confirm the direction to the 19600 area – as I said at the time, the current target for the correction, in my opinion, if we will stay below 20600, will be found in the area of 19800 +

Repairing the area 20800 + _ without being able to rise above, will allow the possibility of taking short from a higher level to the EA zones

On the other hand, support for areas 19-600-800 will provide an option for a long entry
Or alternatively, a daily close above + 20835 + that sends the index to new highs

dow jones  analysis forecast
dow jones forecast 

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