Is The CAC 40 index on his way to new heights or……

CAC 40 index price technical analysis

CAC40 -The Parisian stock even offers a fence over the bar of 4.900 pts, at 4.925 pt.

After the European Commission in October, the European Parliament has quite recently embraced the disputable unhindered commerce understanding between the EU and Canada (CETA) on Wednesday. The assertation can subsequently go into compelling temporarily from April. Be that as it may, its full execution could occur much later, as the content should likewise be sanctioned by all the national and local parliaments of the EU.

The euro range exchange surplus achieved 28.1 billion euros in December after 24.4 billion euros in the earlier month. Sends out developed by 6%, while imports expanded by 4%. The agreement was for an overflow of 22.8 billion USD.

Still, great figures for the UK work to showcase. The unemployment rate stayed at 4.8% in December in the United Kingdom, down 11 years, while the quantity of individuals applying for unemployment benefits fell by 42,400 in January after a decay of 20,500 one Months prior and against a normal increment of 800. The normal week by week wage expanded by 2.6% (counting reward) in December against 2.8% accord and 2.6% barring reward (+ 2.7% beforehand).

CAC 40 technical analysis

                 CAC 40 index price

As per the administration’s report of the day in the United States, retail deals for the time of January 2017 were up 0.4% contrasted with the earlier month, against + 0.1% accord and + 1% For the modified (up) perusing of the earlier month. Barring the car area, retail deals in January were up 0.8%, contrasted and + 0.5% accord and + 0.4% one month prior. Barring car and fuel, deals climbed 0.7%, contrasted and + 0.3% agreement.
* ADP (+ 2.1%). In January 2017, Paris Airport traffic was up 7.2% compared to January 2016 with 7.3 million passengers, of which 5 million were Paris-Charles de Gaulle (+ 6.1%) and 2.3 million in Paris-Orly (+ 9.6%).

* BNP Paribas rose by 1.2% with Natixis (+ 2.1%) and Société Générale (+ 1.3%).

Technical analysis

 if we will look om the chart we can see that the CAC 40 is face of  break the triangle, since 1999 till today you can see the line who restricted from 1999 till today – there are 3 topping preforms: 1999,2007,2015 and now in 2017 its close again to this line, will it break it???
If yes we should expect to see new high, if not so we need to be ready for some corrections to test the 3000 points area

CAC 40 analysis

                           CAC 40 

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