Is the jump in the price of the virtual currency Bitcoin Is it the result of a flock of sheep or a herd of wolves

Bitcoin nears $10,000 price – wants the next target?

Bitcoin hits new record again, Bitcoin nears $10,000 price – wants the next target?
The last correction I mention this: Whether the avalanche of Bitcoin has begun or is it a healthy correction that will continue to new heights? 
It was really healthy correction but im think that next time it won’t be the same story

bitcoin rise
bitcoin analysis

Bitcoin Continue to break records
I do not want to disturb the investors’ complacency and optimism, but friends
The way the Bitcoin rises and the graph form leaves me no doubt that this is a classic case of a bubble in the making
I said that I see a parallel similarity to the behavior of the Bitcoin in the form of the China Index in the bubble years 2007-2008 – the previous move showed good what happens when a graph occurs so sharply in a short time
This time, too, I think it will end this way
An analysis of the candles and the parallel leads me to see that the picture may return
If the parallel is identical and this is only on the basis of technical purity and the parallel between the behavior of the graph
Then the Bitcoin can also rise to areas of $ 11,500 – the parallel is based on China’s iron phase from 5100 to the last 6100
Now Bitcoin’s hair stands at $ 9800, so I attribute $ 11,500 to the area – I’ll even dare say yes, I see the Bitcoin collapsing back into areas of $ 2,800, Which means sharp declines and collapse of the virtual currency at rates of 75%

Nobody who owns Bitcoin wants to spend it, the process of mining new coins and recording new Bitcoin transactions now consumes more electricity each year that is used by Ireland.

Last month on October I posted briefly on the bitcoin and its seems to be the story:

bitcoin price bubble
bitcoin bubble

Many good and positive headlines on the virtual currency and a surge in searches and public behavior are the flock a flock of sheep or a herd of wolves ???

More good headers for bitcoin in the news

“Bitcoin could ‘easily’ reach $40,000 by the end of 2018: Novogratz”
“Bitcoin is a Safe Haven from the Financial System Collapse: Analyst”
“Bitcoin currency hits new record high”
“Bitcoin is now more valuable than Disney or McDonald’s”
“Bitcoin is safe, sustainable and here to stay “
“Bitcoin has become a ‘safe haven’ currency in some of the world’s “
And they are much more like this…….

More search and interest for bitcoin in google search media:

investing bitcoin
bitcoin search 

Technical analysis:
pay attention to 7900-8200$ price level! – closed below this level will send bitcoin to cope with 4900-5100# price area, or even to lower price to the 4200-4400$ price
While stay above those levels could send bitcoin up again over the last record
Long-term trend forecast moved is still up as long as 5100$ will hold!
Break below 4200-4600$  on weekly basis will send bitcoin to 2300-2800 $ while break below those levels  will lead bitcoin  to cope with 1400-1600$

bitcoin forecast
bitcoin forecast

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