Is this quarter going to be the best in markets we’ve ever seen or other surprises are expected

Markets Technical Analysis

In the last post, I talked about the correction that was to come – the goals of the repair came, proved themselves to support and healthy repair, to the rising trend currently seen in the markets,
What next?
This time, I will go back to examining the Dow Jones Index, because last year this  index signaled the upcoming correction happened in the markets, and it did, so I will continue with the Dow this time also to examine the future,
There is an oscillator that I devolved, and work with to identify extreme points and trends in the market – it showed me an extreme point and preparation for the previous peak correction in January 2018
Focus on it again, we can see, another interesting thing this time too – according to the movement, and the level at which the oscillator is located, I think that we are expected to continue on the scales,
If we pay attention, we can see a similar case in the past, following which the index is expected to give another move, from the acceptance to the past move, the derived target in the Dow Jones index is 26,830 +_  points

Stock Markets Analysis
Markets Analysis

There are a few things you should pay attention to The indices reach extreme levels before the journey continues upwards, or is this the end of the correction?

Facebook has released reports yesterday and costs over 11% – comes to check the Gap, the refractive levels of the rising move: if it closes above the $ 171 area, we have a set up here to catch a move to close the top – it’s worth watching closely!

Amazon, as I have mentioned several times, should cross the 1760 area in order to show a continuing upward trend! If the conditions that I have mentioned exist, expect another incremental move
If not then the story is different:

stocks markets Tracking since the last slump in the indices see below :
A reassessment or a healthy correction to the violence experienced by stock indices

For those who not remember this post: Trump and Fed policy lead to a recession or new records?

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