Moderna stock MRNA analysis

I have taken here the case of Moderna stock and bitcoin for comparison
Is it possible to deduce from the conduct of one asset on the other in terms of trading behavior even though it is not the same asset?
Days will tell whether yes or no?
If so, then we can say that now we are in the stage of  “before the end” in my opinion in Moderna stock,
This is to say  that we can see a parallel move that Bitcoin made in the past
Support for area 161 for those who bought – daily closed below this level is important!
Possible one of the two destinations, if this move will take the same as was in the bitcoin :
Area 197 Or area 216 on the screen
Depends on the pigs and determination
It will be fast and violent
In my opinion, it is a matter of days before the decisions will take into this stock
I think we will see sharp declines, as Bitcoin experienced at the time during 2017
moderna stock analysis
Moderna stock chart
Good luck to everyone

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