Lots of question marks and a lot of hopes dances the financial markets


The pound jumps to as high as 1.2707 last week as rising from 1.1958. Break up 1.2830-1.2920 levels will target 1.3250, while break down below 1.2530 support will turn intraday to lower points-  once again on hopes and expectations what’s new?

Both sides are close to a deal, but it is unclear if Johnson will continue receiving support for the deal from the hardliners in his party or the Democratic Unionist Party – The critical EU Summit will be on October 17-18

Will this time the hopes come true:
be a Brexit with a deal, without a deal, or again, nothing will be decided and we see again elections in  UK same as last time with Theresa May?

That’s why friends, I try and try to stick to the price graph – where you can see clearer things from hopes and delusions



At the moment it appears that the key level is 1.2830-1.2920
if those levels break up we are going to see the pound coming to test the 1.3250 level again.
If 1.3250 level breaks, this will lead the pound to cope with higher levels in 1.3460 1.3720 and 1.39-1.40, while an inability to break up 1.3250 level will bring it back down, breaking  1.2530 level could return it towards 1.23

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