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from my last post : 

2/1/15, 4:30 AM
Pacific Standard Time

“Crude oil can be seen that the support area holds 43-4, last Friday was a strong closing ,we Should receive confirmation that the opening of the next trading day .closing resistance band performed, a move above will lead to areas 51-4. if the level of 54 will break up  be expected levels higher in the areaof  $ 61-63
lets test  the Canadian dollar compatibility we will see oil prices the past two weeks when the currency follow strong moves by the expectation, at the moment I expect the amendment to the level of 1.24 + _ equivalent to the level of 51-4 oil price ,if oil will move more then taht  we need to expect even stronger repair more at the level of 1.19 + _”

update for 17.2.2015
look carfully the usdcad and crude oil they are the key factor 
today the crude give us bullish sign and i would expcrt to see more when the usdcad will break down 1.23-40 ,then we prob will go to 1.2130-1.2220 
another leg down will lead to 1.1930-60 area  hand by hand with crude oil to 62-3 areas
good luck 

usdcad daytradeprofit
usdcad daytradeprofit

markets daytradeprofit
markets daytradeprofit

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