we saw the last movements on the markets and we were ready for that 
the sencario of low levels was fill as i said on my last posts about the eurjpy and usdjpy
 now if we will look closely on the charts we can see an imagination between jun13 movement to now

we cant say down trend over but if the last numbers will hold so its more likely it is   
my thoughts about the continuance are those
. we will see usdjpy going to 103 area from there down to 102 area if support 101.60 so continue up to 103.70-104.10 if the usdjpy will break up those levels so it is reasonable to assume that we see new numbers
the other scenario  we will see stamping usdjpy will go 103.70-104 area dont break up – go down again 

few words about the nikkei  major resistance at 14,600-14,900 if he will break up those levels the up 
side move is more reasonable if not we will need to do new analysis
resistance at 1793-1800
support at 1753-1600
the two scenario are drawing on the charts


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