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Are we facing a wave of exhaustion in the markets, or are we in the midst of a bubble wave?

Throughout my years in trading (more than 20 years), I tend to stick to the technical side of trading, this has proven itself more than once
Technically we are in a kind of bubble without any shadow of a doubt – the markets are in insane euphoria that does not stop, but …. does that justify it?
Covid 19 is gone?
Employment at its peak?
Countries debts at a low?

Corporate profits at their peak?

What I see today when I open charts, is something I have not seen for many years

At the end of December, we re-examined the Nasdaq index again
The sloping picture of the gains on the graphs scares me
markets technical  analysis
markets analysis
The Fed prints money and pours into a cheap money market that buys everything, – so who loses here if everyone wins ??? This capital market plays a zero amount one earns the other loses,
The quantities of shorts on the market are among the lowest seen on the screens
markets shorts analysis
short interest analysis
market volatility and trading volume have skyrocketedaverage daily volume increase into new records – Cheap and printed money flows into the market
Nasdaq volume index
Nasdaq vol
I currently see 2 options before my eyes:
The first: exhaustion that is about to come in the next two weeks, or according to the price targets of realizing the pattern I talked about in the previous post,
I went back to check it out to see what I missed?
The conclusions about the pattern are the objectives of the target derivation to the area of ​​13530 + –
 have shown were based on scenario 1 of 2 that exist in the pattern
I did not notice that BC is critical because a change in it  sets a different target for price completion
if BC is 88.6% of AB,then DE can be an extension of 1.618% – 2.618% of BC
As for point E, it can have two possible destinations. It could appear either at the 38.2% 88.6% retracement of the previous BC leg. Therefore, point E also depends on where the D appears. So if point D is drawn at the 38.2% retracement of BC, the E will appear close to the 161.8% Fibonacci extension. Alternatively, a DE leg usually ends near the 224.2% extension.
it is important to use the extreme projections of 2.24 or 2.618 for the CD leg to further clarify the potential reversal zone
The pattern leaves us 3 reference points that we need to pay attention to
First area 13,800 + _
Second area 14,100 + _
Third area 14,500 + –
NASDAQ forecast
NASDAQ  analysis
If it’s like in 2000 then an option of continuing the increased prices about 20% + _ is on the table
NASDAQ chart analysis
NASDAQ price analysis

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