Review Status posted on 7.9.2014
Nasdaq 100 dont stops in red, racing like a bull at a red robe ….. 
As I argued last review the target is 4120
Forecasts and expectations of further movement: 
Thorough review of charts I saw the possibility of further increase is more than likely but, 
In September, I think we will see him going back to test 3940-4000 levels when 
If these levels hold then the rising trend is expected to continue (equivalent for 2003) 
If these levels do not hold then the exercise can expand and reach the heights of 3860, with an option to test my key level of 3720 points 
Would not be surprised to see the US indices continue to rise after exercise performance goals, and the continued movement of more than 30 percent 
SP500 could reach areas of 2600 points when there assuming the exercise and it will be short stops in the level of 1930-60 points parallel Nasdaq 3940-4000
update for 11.10.2014
On September 7, I published a snapshot and markets forecast to continue 
On October 8, and in the meantime increased image update works as predicted 
Now we begin to approach the critical test measures levels 
s & p500 region in 1900 when the critical level is located in 1930-60. 
nasdaq100 zone 3860 below the level of 3930 has been out for another leg down 

Currently the index number of points of support: 3789 -3840 Buzzer critical level is located in 3740 
i think the situation is this: headed for a few more years of rising stock markets with strong Dollar USA 

Trace the reviews about the Forex market and the image is further strengthening dollar
Forex & Commoditys:
Canadian Dollar toward wrote most recent reviews 
Jpy towards 120 arae
Oil towards to 50-60 dollars
Gold toward 1014 if there will not, generally 800 area, and 600 will not be a dirty word 

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