SP 500 i guess  that  1830 area Going to appear on the charts
The same NASDAQ – 3900 with an option to the decline in the region 3700 also
Looking for nzdjpy and audjpy  I conclude where we willingness declines after another close below the Strip, next step is to test the level of 83. + _ If it holds what is good or not so 78 will be the next target, followed by 74
December stock exchanges also been seen throwing merchandise we have seen on the graph and we are now trending implementation / shuffle
USDJPY month game from 117.30 to 118.30 levels, breaking take it at 116.40 and then 115.60 and if it will not hold  112 area will look on screen

On the other hand comes back and wallow hacking of usdjpy over 119.60 give OK to continue rising along with the indices
Crude oil can be seen that the support area holds 43-4, last Friday was a strong closing ,we Should receive confirmation that the opening of the next trading day .closing resistance band performed, a move above will lead to areas 51-4. if the level of 54 will break up  be expected levels higher in the areaof  $ 61-63
lets test  the Canadian dollar compatibility we will see oil prices the past two weeks when the currency follow strong moves by the expectation, at the moment I expect the amendment to the level of 1.24 + _ equivalent to the level of 51-4 oil price ,if oil will move more then taht  we need to expect even stronger repair more at the level of 1.19 + _
Little about reporting season: You can see who reports excellent Meanwhile against the tide strengthening of the dollar scares USA, future especially as oil prices came down hard and you can now see stabilization certain past week the market should digest the situation and see on and exchanges as we know look to the future rather than the present
In summary:
I think both options are on the agenda:
1. Continue the exercise of stock markets to levels I mentioned along with oil,gold ,fx and then continued walking rises to new heights
2. Breaking down the evels I mentioned ang getting deeper correction of several months

good luck

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

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