The dollar clearly been increasing worldwide since April 2014
The Moves he made against other currencies very  impressive
Now you can see in number of pairs, the slowdown during their weakness against the dollar
For example, the Australian and New Zealand
In addition to this you can see  also number of signals to the process plant commodities:
Gold ,silver and oil if we look at them we can see a number of things
The silver keeps the price structure above the 16.20 area I estimate 18-19 repair area
Gold keeps the price structure above the level of 1180 when staying above the level of 1206
Give the signal a move towards 1260-70
Oil fell to the support I have enumerated, and currently supported,
Equivalent to the price of oil will take the Canadian which also shows a parallel move, when I close range 1:13 to 1:14 repair the area assuming that the level of 1.1960 will not move in the coming days so I expect even oil standard process that can even get to a level of $ 62 but let’s first see what will happen in the region of $ 51-54
I think the euro due to the installation process 1:22 to 1:23

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