The move we have seen since the beginning of year shows that many do not do late last year rose slightly so as January and April wading unknown
I raised at the beginning of week analysis Nasdaq 100 with imaginative move happened in 2013 and watched if that is so small blow wing and Eagle will continue to soar to new heights 
Looking at the graph you can see it on the edge of carcinoma because the ranges of the band sitting on 3440-3471 – the value , the Nasdaq closed 3439
If we look further and we’ll take the whole process from the low looks something interesting – the level of Fibonacci sitting on the edge of the course was on 10.03.20124 Moreover, if the scenario of 2013 will not come back so you can take note of in 2010 , even if that is the case then the chance to see the level of 3250 -3280 screens
Anyway even if so and if otherwise then I think the sequel would look like this :
Decrease from 3380-3412 to the new highs or go

Or predicted during quick fixes to the 3570-90 and from 3250-3280 levels drop
Key support 3100 area

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