oil price technical analysis update

 Did Oil finish drip down?

From my last post:
 a technical perspective, an impulsive decline back beneath 46 support is required for bears to take control This would bring $42.70-43.20 into consideration, with it having been a key level of support throughout September. We shouldn’t forget that last week’s strong performance in WTI means this could just be a retracement., the trend line is not yet confirmed spite that, it would complete the reversal of last week’s gains and offer more support for the view that the bulls are being out muscled once again by the bears.

personally my thoughts are that we are going to see 52-53 area again if 46 level will hold

update for today:
we witness high vol and Quantum Price if the usdcad will drop below 1.31 it will give a boost the move

oil technical analysis

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