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From time to time I get mail from people who want to trade and undecided
They come to this blog and trying to figure out whether you should start and what is required
Attached is my answer to one of the questioners, hope to help everyone
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The name of my site ıs day trade-profit, is in fact was the beginning of my way, I traded for one-year trial period setting
At the end I decided that I was not suited for daily trading, probably because of my character. Found it difficult to be in an environment where uncertainty is so high, and I trade trend, As you can see all the posts that I raise

Day Trade

                           Day Trade

If you entered the field, ask yourself first whether you can be uncertainty high. Ask yourself how you play poker for money – if you are comfortable there, try trading. Me uncomfortable there
Anyway until I got this insight I have devoted my entire subject. I read endlessly – books and websites, I spent every morning 4-5 hours analyzing stocks and stocks market, about 1000 shares on indices, the s&p500 and Nasdaq. In the evening I sat at trade another 4-5 hours to observe the movement of market shares, while in reality I traded for 3- 4 trades

You cannot succeed in this business if you do not have 100% commitment. This is not child’s play. It’s hard, shaking, dangerous (you can lose a lot at the moment). It takes a lot of hours of training, requires the ability to cope with daily failures (because if you are a successful trader you manage only a 50-60% long ago, the trick is to learn to reduce losses and increase profits)
In short, it is the combination of nature and uncompromising professionalism
The professionalism I have, but the character did not fit. So I took the professionalism and the ability to places I can make myself more

The need exposed writing actually helped me really examine myself all the time. Read the posts, you’ll see a lot from the experience and the experience – even reflection on trades done and all the young merchant life

In short, through the blog and through trading rooms where I saw very few succeed (at least that’s what they say, I have not seen a bank account) and many more are struggling
My recommendation, if you have the time to invest, and desire. If you have money to spare (which means – you do not need it daily living, mortgage, children) you’re willing to risk (ie lose tuition – I put a limit of six months to X000 $) if you are able to put in the hours and believe that you have character able to deal with uncertainty high – worth a try. Ultimately total knowledge and tools that produce a trial (even if at the end there will be no dealer) is worth the effort
If you do not meet one of these criteria, wait until you can

You can see for yourself the difference between a long trade (trade trend) and trade intranet and after so many years of activity I can say that you can earn, but there are many obstacles and insights must pass through before harvesting the fruit

I will begin a new comer which will  give tips & tools for day trade 

This review does not including any document and / or file attached to it as an advice or recommendation to buy / sell securities and / or other advice

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