The Complete Guide for GBP Traders

The Complete Guide for GBP Traders

the last post “the trend has changed”

Fall from 1.7190 is viewed as resuming the longer-term downtrend from 2.1161 and would target 1.3503 and below later.

we could see even lower numbers below 1.30
let’s go business and technical analysis
As I mentioned last September
the pair was on his way to conquer the negative peak
is pound latest player to take center stage in this game  (central banks’ global game of debasing your currency)
On the way down there are a number of stations, the first of which lies the 1.3860 level Breaking this level 1.3860 will send the pair to cope with the level of 1.3570 
On The other hand, resistance levels are located at 1.4120, respectively
When the critical resistance level  stands in the 1.4360 my expectations are to see GBP USD go to 1.3570 area, from this level make rebound above 1.40 
to the levels, i mentions up and then…….ill let u knows  
Meanwhile the GBP USD is the current MVP of global currency wars

sterling pound

sterling pound analysis
sterling pound

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